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Kyra Boisseree

Kyra Boisserée is a Comparative Literature major at Reed College. While she unironically adores Shakespeare and Les Misérables (yes, the book), she has a lot of thoughts about the literary field as a whole (specifically its hierarchies and standards of worth) which she has been known to ramble about for hours if no one stops her. Some cool things she’s done: attended Alpha Writer’s Workshop in 2013 and 2015, studied abroad in Buenos Aires for five months, and convinced a professor to let her write a paper on Plato’s Republic and contemporary dystopia (a sneaky way to drag Plato while writing about something that’s actually interesting). Please note that her name is pronounced like Keira in Keira Knightley or Kira in Kira Nerys, not K-[eye]-ra.

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, May 20

2:30pm EDT